Nancy Heykoop

Nancy has gained an interest learning what is required in helping the body heal itself. There are many different paths to healing one can take and many different approaches to try and do. We each need to find the healing path that best resonates with us.

Reflexology fell into Nancy's lap in the spring of 2011. All the pieces fell into place, like a well made puzzle, and she was certified and registered by August that same year.

Then, reading Dr. Eric Pearl's book 'The Reconnection' stirred something else. It wasn’t long before Nancy recognized that this technique also strongly resonated with her. In November 2013, she began learning and applying the teachings of Dr. Eric Pearl resulting in the acquisition of the tools she needs to do 'Reconnective Healing' and 'The Reconnection'.

There are numerous other experiences and books that thrill Nancy. Constantly eager and enthusiastic to learn and grow, Nancy welcomes new experiences, as well as learning and experiencing different forms of healing and energy work, all with the end goal of making them available to her clients. Her clients find her enthusiasm contagious as Nancy alway strives to live by the following words of wisdom, 'Always be open to new ways of being. Let's Live, Love and Grow together. We are here to evolve and be the best we can be. Life is too short, let's have fun’.

Nancy is a transformation coach, empowering people to be happier and opening the door to infinite possibilities! She has recently added more modalities to her wealth of knowledge; “Access Consciousness® Bars” and “Access Consciousness® Body Processes”. She is both a practitioner and a facilitator and offers both sessions for clients and teaches ‘Bars' and 'Body Processes' classes to prospective practitioners. With Access Consciousness®, she has learned to function from ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. The result is Nancy is now able to get more done and not work as hard while having lots of energy at the end of the day. Bars has been a great asset in her life!

Nancy also learned various body processes which are able to assist the body in healing naturally. The tools learned in ‘Access’ have created greatness in every area of her life as well as that of her family, therefore she looks forward to sharing all these wonderful new tools with friends, family and clients.

What can we create in this world together?
What if you can have everything you desire in the body you have?
What if you don't have to live with disability, pain or dis-ease in your body?
What if....?

The possibilities are endless!